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OSCAR is supported entirely by voluntary corporate and private donations. Sponsorship ensures all OSCAR programmes are professional and fit for purpose. Donations support OSCAR’s mission to get young children in school and to give them the opportunities they deserve. Support the OSCAR community with a one-off donation, a regular donation, support a tour or sponsoring a child.

Sponsorship enables the poorest children to take part in all aspects of the OSCAR football, education and life skills programmes. Participation creates the foundation for change, not only for the individual but that of their family, community and future generations.

OSCAR children live very challenging lives, which makes them vulnerable to negative external influences. Child sponsorship plays a vital part in ensuring no OSCAR children slip through the net. Sponsors are allocated a child, receive an outline of their family life, a personalized video message and our partners in India provide a yearly update.

Sponsorship is key to the success of OSCAR programmes. Child Sponsorship is £25 per month or £300 per annum (plus Gift Aid).

Donations are made through the Virgin Giving platform. A donation receipt will be sent giving further instructions to contact OSCAR at sponsorship@oscar-foundation.org

“Two of the most rewarding moments of my life were meeting Ram and Neha and getting to know them has been such a privilege.  The OSCAR team is phenomenal, helpful, informative and dedicated.  Please join the family.”
Nathaniel Parker

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How does sponsorship work?

Sponsors receive a photo and personalised video message from the child plus an annual update. Sponsors are invited to write to the child through the OSCAR India office.

How is the donation spent?

The donation is used to provide football, education and life skills sessions for the sponsored child and other OSCAR children.

How does a child benefit?

Child Sponsorship enables the poorest children in the community to take part in the full OSCAR programme. Participation creates the foundation for change, not only for the individual but that of their family, wider community and future generations.

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Choose us as your charity

By choosing to support us you will not only get the trademark warm and noisy welcome from the OSCAR family but you will become part of the journey for a better future for girls and boys living challenging lives in slum communities in India.


60% of OSCAR staff live and work in the community they serve, making them ideally placed to tackle disruptive social issues and sensitive cultural and religious beliefs, by delivering effective mentorship and carefully designed life skills and educational programmes.

Children are the future and through education we can break the cycle of poverty and create a better tomorrow. On behalf of OSCAR children, we champion the importance of education, access to basic facilities, gender equality and rights for the disabled. Your support will help us make a significant difference in all areas of our work.

Choose us as your charity


OSCAR volunteers are ‘independent travellers’ who take care of their own insurance, travel and accommodation and are committed to volunteer for a month or more. Before embarking to India, volunteers complete an application form, provide a DBS certificate, proof of travel insurance and raise a minimum donation of £1,000.

Volunteer work is tailor-made to suit the individual’s talents and interests and will include teaching English & computer skills, office admin and assisting in the play centre. Volunteers under 21 are asked to travel with a companion. Volunteers from outside the UK should apply directly to OSCAR India info@oscar-foundation.org

“Working with OSCAR was one of the best, if not the best experience of my life.” Gracie

Sponsorship Volunteer
Sponsorship Volunteer
Sponsorship Volunteer