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Our OSCAR Experience

We feel immensely privileged to have been welcomed into the OSCAR Foundation family with such warmth and hospitality. The OSCAR team are nothing short of spectacular and the devotion and passion that they put into their work is admirable. They have come from tough backgrounds and have faced such adversity, yet have come out the other side and are now doing their bit to create a safe and happy environment for their communities to thrive. They are the role models for the next generation of youths, who we assure you are in safe hands.

We kicked off our time here by attending OSCAR’s annual football festival at the Cooperage Ground with over 1,500 children. The day saw just under 150 matches take place and takes meticulous planning. From fun games, to an OSCAR showroom, to crowd management and food distribution, to financial literacy workshops for parents, the annual event took the OSCAR staff months of planning. A sea of red swamped the grounds in a day that can only be described as organised chaos. Here, we the met coaches, staff members, so many adorable children and young leaders that we would be working with for weeks to come. It was a truly wonderful day and a perfect representation of the inspirational organisation that OSCAR is.

One of our tasks during our visit was to teach English to the boys heading to the UK on football tour in October and to the girls who are attending the Dana Cup in Denmark. We wanted to focus on speaking in particular as we figured this would be most practical for their trips. Many of the students were very shy at first and found it hard to speak in front of a group for fear of wrong pronunciation or messing up, so we tried our best to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which the students didn’t ever feel pressured or judged.

After 5 weeks, we can happily say that they have come on leaps and bounds, with the quietest ans weakest students now able to speak basic English phrases. These students have been exceptional to teach and it has been an absolute pleasure. They turn up to class with such enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, it puts UK classrooms to shame! Each and every individual we taught has so much potential and we know that they will all go on to do such great things. We are so excited to see them again in October when they come to UK… speaking fluent English we hope!

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