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How to Help

The OSCAR family needs helpers and we want to hear from you if you have an idea for a fund-raising event, have an occasion to celebrate, want to learn a new skill, give something up, sell unwanted items, hold a sports event or indulge in a curry night. Rally your friends and inspire your supporters by setting a target and make sure everyone has the link to the donation page. Shout it from the roof tops, post on social media platforms, tell your local newspaper and hand out leaflets to spread the word.


Get started today and help OSCAR to continue vital work in Indian slums. Whether you are an organisation or an individual we are here to support your mission to help. Why not take on a new challenge, learn a new skill or host an event?

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How to Fundraise

We rely on the ingenuity and imagination of OSCAR supporters around the world to help raise funds. Activities and challenges range from bake sales to more energetic feats, like marathons and ‘swimathons’. The key to a successful fundraising campaign is to make sure everyone knows what, when and why you are doing what you have set out to do. Supporters need reassurance donations are going to a transparent and worthwhile cause. Keep them informed with your progress and up to date with pictures and videos of the event. We can support you with photos for your fundraising page and help raise awareness through our social media channels. Feedback success stories to donors so they will continue to support OSCAR.

How does fundraising work?

We encourage fundraisers to use the Virgin Giving platform, search for OSCAR India, Charity Number 1149486 and set up your exclusive fundraising page. Be sure to enable Gift Aid, if you are not providing a service or goods. Promote your page on social media platforms and be sure to let everyone know you are doing something amazing.

How are my donations spent?

Donations support the whole OSCAR community by funding the delivery of our programmes in India. We have core programmes that are at the heart of what we do, including football, education, computer and life skills sessions, the Young Leader programme and the toy centre.

Can I direct my funds to specific projects?

It is possible to fund a specific programme, such as our UK Schools Tour or supporting a particular team. For more information email

How does a child benefit?

Donations ensure all OSCAR beneficiaries benefit by having access to all the programmes and activities provided by OSCAR.

Taking part in an Event

Whether you are taking part in events in India or supporting the OSCAR teams on the pitch somewhere else, we know you will find the experience rewarding and humbling. The OSCAR family wants to support you in any way possible, so if you have an idea please get in touch and talk it through with us.

Taking part in an Event

Hear about OSCAR events from our supporters

"The OSCAR girls' visit was powerful and empowering. Our pupils and staff embraced the opportunity to work with these remarkable young people and along with the whole school community, were simultaneously and enriched by the experience."

Dr Christopher Stevens, Headmaster, Bradfield College, UK

"It was such an honour to join the OSCAR family at their annual football day. It was a total joy to experience the collaboration, mutual respect and skill of these young people, whose lives have been so fundamentally transformed by the OSCAR magic."

Rosanne, Shakti Group, Mumbai

"Hall Grove pupils lined the drive to welcome the OSCAR team with a spontaneous chant of 'OSCAR, OSCAR' . This was a moment of emotion when cultural divides disappeared and two different worlds became one. The tour may have been life changing for the visitors, but it also left a lasting impression on our community."

Alastair Graham, Headmaster, Hall Grove School, UK

Fundraising at School or University

Fundraising at school or college is the perfect place to engage like-minded people to support OSCAR. How about an OSCAR themed mufti day, a Bollywood disco, sports events, talent show, a quiz or a bake sale? Whatever you decide to do we want to hear about it.

Oscar Foundation
Fundraising at School or Universtiy