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Fundraisers conquer a mountain to raise funds for OSCAR

Ever wondered what it is like to push your limits for charity? Are you ready to take on a challenge?

“I signed up to the Mount Toubkal climb to join in with a fundraising opportunity for OSCAR. I didn’t give a great deal of thought to the challenge until 2 weeks before. Not ideal as I then realised the enormity of climbing a 4200-metre mountain with little training and no time left for anything other than panic. When the team all met for the first briefing, I felt completely safe in Perry’s hands and reassured about the challenge ahead. Learning to completely trust in someone else’s experience was a big leap. The whole team was amazing and the local guides and chef were kind and generous. To say this took me out of my comfort zone would be an understatement but I absolutely loved every moment, from my attempts to dig deep and find the stamina to continue, to the wonderful company from team mates to the epic scenery, not to mention the summit. I loved slightly roughing it in the Refuge, the mixed dorm of 14 and the glorious Riad at the end, not forgetting the incredible food along the way. It was epic and although I could hardly walk for 2 days afterwards it was worth every minute.” Maya Sushila

“I’ve just completed the Mount Toubkal climb for OSCAR International and what an experience! Along with my friends Maya and Lisa, I joined Lucinda and Ashok and 7 other fundraisers to complete the challenge in early June and it was a truly unforgettable trip. The climb was itself was challenging, but the comradery and support within our group was incredible. Central to my experience was meeting the inspirational Ashok who, through his own life experience, was able to reaffirm the importance of the work that this unique charity is doing.” Julia Redford

“An incredible adventure and I couldn’t have wished for a more caring, supportive and kinder group. Perry and Noah from PJS Challenges for their patience, guidance and the great organisation of the whole event. Lucinda and Ashok for just doing what you are doing for the OSCAR Foundation. Polly for her calmness and grace. Ruby, Arthur, Hope and Roxy for your youthful enthusiasm, joy, laughter and energy.   It kept me going. Olivia for the constant check ins, the nod and big smiles. Tom for his incredible energy and thoughtfulness of allowing me NOT be the last to the summit.  Such a kind gesture. Maya for her encouragement and persistence to do this climb and Julia for your support with words and being a great walking buddy.” Lisa Fairhead

“When you grow up in an underprivileged family you are scared to say no, because opportunities do not come very often. So I always decide to say yes. At first I regretted saying yes to these very physical challenges but now I am feeling very proud and blessed I took part. I had two trip mantras which helped me to continue every day to carry on and complete the challenges, No Issue and Thakana maan hai (slowing down due to fatigue is not allowed).” Ashok Rathod

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