Volunteering with children with disabilities. By Tinka Hughes

The Disability Inclusion Project. During my time volunteering in Mumbai I have experienced the amazing programmes OSCAR  provides, such as the education, football , life skills and young leader programmes. But there was one that really stood out to me, the Disability Inclusion Project, which includes all disabilities, deaf, mute, blind, physical, & learning difficulties. The […]

A day in the life of 13 year old Priya by Ruby.

OSCAR International Young Leader, Ruby Sowerbutts spent an eye opening day with 13 year old Priya in the Ambedkar Nagar community. On a very hot day in Mumbai, I ventured into the Ambedkar Nagar community, across the uneven ground and down narrow alleyways, to the home of Priya. 13-year-old Priya lives with her parents, Jyoti […]